Perch Party Ice Fishing Tournament

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Echo State Park

Tournament Rules

Date: Feb 17, 2024

Goal: Teams of four will compete against other teams to catch the most combined perch up to the limit of 200 perch per group (50 per person) at Echo reservoir.
Pre-Registration Required: You must pre-register for the event before fishing via ParksPass. You will select a team name and put down the four participants on your team. Cost will be $80 per team. Participants on your team can not change. Once you register your team is set. Team names must be appropriate and may be disqualified with no refund if deemed necessary by park staff. Registration will close at midnight the evening prior to the tournament.

Time: The tournament starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. No tournament anglers will be allowed to drill holes or be on the ice until 7:00 AM.
Park Entrance Fees: park entrance fee of $20.00 per vehicle will apply. State park annual passes will be accepted in lieu of park fee. Annual passes will be available for purchase.

Mandatory Check In: will be from 5:30-7:00 AM at the Echo Concession Building. If you do not check in you cannot qualify for a prize. There will be a waiting zone at the top of the Echo Boat Ramp prior to any tournament participants being allowed on the ice. Fish can be checked anytime during the tournament hours. You must be in line at 1 pm. If you are not in line at 1 pm your fish will not be counted.

OHVs: allowed but they must use the launch ramp for entry and exit from the lake.
Possession Limit: 50 Perch Per Person. Each participant can turn in up to 50 during the contest. Fish must be counted at the end of the tournament or when the anglers are done fishing for the day. When the party’s fish are checked in you cannot add any more perch to your score. If you are in violation of possession limits you may be subject to a citation. Awards: given to first, second, and third-place groups with the most combined perch per group (tiebreaker will be the group with the greatest overall weight of combined fish).

Fishing Guidebook: All rules of the fishing guidebook will be followed. You must have a valid Utah fishing license.
Sportsmanship: Courtesy, sportsmanship, and conservation must be displayed at all times. Party Fishing or Group Fishing: not allowed. You may not fish near someone who is not signed up for the tournament and you must not keep more than 50 fish per person.

Tents: Will be allowed but you can not set up a tent until 7 AM when the tournament begins.

No Coolers: will be allowed on the ice. Any coolers used by tournament participants will be subject to disqualification and may be searched by law enforcement to inspect for illegal baits/and or cheating. Fish Check-In Station Park/Wildlife staff will check the fish and record the time caught at the official measure station by the boat ramp. Their decision will be final and can be not disputed.
Results: will be announced after the 1:00 pm fish have all been turned in and counted. Staff will work promptly to make it as quickly as possibly after 1:00 pm

Prize Drawing: a prize drawing will occur at the end of the tournament. A ticket will be given to every participant as they check in.

Disqualification: Any cheating or violation of rules will result in disqualification.

No Cheating: Law Enforcement will be observing the tournament. If you are caught cheating you will be expelled from the tournament and may be subject to citation if laws are violated.

Refunds: No refunds or transfers. No exceptions.

Agreement: By signing up and paying to enter this tournament you agree to follow all rules and be subject to the terms and conditions within these rules.

Waiver and Release

Injury may result from your participation in this event/program. Additionally, property damage or loss may occur. You are expected to familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct for the event/program as well as Utah Division of State Parks policies. You are expected to follow proper operating procedures including safety procedures, plus any directions given by an authorized park or event/program coordinator employee.
The undersigned, being at least eighteen years of age (or as a guardian of a minor, and in consideration of participation in a State Parks event/program as described above (hereinafter USPQIFT), does hereby agree to this waiver and release.
I do hereby agree to assume all risks which may be associated with or may result from, my participation in this event/program, including but not limited to the actual course of activities or while using the facility, parking lots, transportation or access to State Parks facilities and recreation sites.
I recognize that participation in the event/program may involve moderate to strenuous physical activity and may cause physical and or emotional distress to participants. There may also be associated health risks. I state that I am free from any known heart, respiratory or other health problems that could prevent me from safely participating in any of the activities.
I certify that I have medical insurance or otherwise agree to be personally responsible for costs of any emergency or other medical care that I receive. I agree to release the State of Utah, Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation and its agencies, departments, officers, employees, agents and all sponsors, officials and staff or volunteers from the cost of any medical care that I receive as a result of participation in the event/program. As well as with the Bureau of Reclamation.
I further agree to release the State of Utah, Utah Division of State Parks and its agencies, departments, officers, employees, agents and all sponsors, officials and staff or volunteers from any and all liability, claims, demands, breach of warranty, negligence, actions, and causes of actions whatsoever for any loss, claim, damage, injury, illness, attorney’s fees or harm of any kind or nature to me arising out of my participation in the event/program.
This release extends to any claim made by my family, estate, heirs, or assigns arising from or in any way connected with the aforementioned activities.
If a Minor, this form shall be used for their consent via
Consent is expressly given, in the event of injury, for any emergency aid, anesthesia and / or operation, if in the opinion of the attending physician, such treatment is necessary.


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